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Crowdfunding attempt

The footage on this blog was recorded as a prototype for a year-long project covering a convention every weekend. Now the project is looking for funding at Indiegogo. The budget includes better recording equipment, better editing software, and worldwide travel to display the full reach of travel. Stop by and donate! Send your friends!
Tags: publicity

  • Microbial Madness (4:25)

    Sample from a much longer talk by Dr. Joan Slonczewski. Disclaimer: For educational use only--NOT diagnosis or treatment. Links: More on…

  • Strolling With the Stars (13:57)

    Pastiche from the Thursday morning stroll, including interviews with artist GoH Boris Vallejo, Campbell nominee Lauren Beukes, illustrator Julie…

  • A look back at early fandom (20:10)

    Erle Melvin Korshak, later joined by Joe Siclari, Art Widner, and Dave Kyle. Links: More past Worldcon info Hectograph Polka (1:00…

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